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Lauren does everything for my business. She takes care of my website, made my invoicing system exponentially better, and is constantly willing to brainstorm new ideas for my business. -CD 2018

Lauren does everything for my business. She takes care of my website, made my invoicing system exponentially better, and is constantly willing to brainstorm new ideas for my business. -CD 2018


Previous Success Stories

We have been helping businesses get “unstuck” since 2012 and have several success stories under our belt. Some have been big projects that have spanned several years, while other projects have only required a couple weeks to a month. We can help with everything from website development and maintenance to program restructuring and budgeting. Read some examples below:


Website Development

This client was stuck in the 20th century and told me that while she knew it was important to have a website, she didn’t know what the website should include or how to get started! Should there be a page for all of her services or just her primary program? What colors should it be? How will anyone know the new website exists?

We spoke about her goals, who the intended audience was, and how much she wanted to invest in the design. My client was very hesitant at first so I walked her through the process step by step. We started slowly with an outline on a napkin over a piece of pizza and Coke. We were actually talking about something completely different before she decided to move forward with this growth step. I move at the speed of my clients, so off we went with the brainstorming process. A short while later, I had a PDF mockup of the website and she was so impressed that we got started building the website immediately. Her biggest concern was that she didn’t know how to maintain the information which was a concern I could easily alleviate by offering a website maintenance service on a monthly or annual contract.

Long story short, my client wanted an online presence to better reach her audience and within a few short weeks, we had her up and running with a dynamic and beautiful website with all the information her clients needed access to on a regular basis.


Process Improvement & Improvement Strategy

Some businesses have a period of time in their history known as their “glory days” but for one reason or another, they have fallen away from that. I had a client who wanted to revive the “glory days” and asked for my help. We went through some lengthy discussions so that I could get a good picture of what those days were like, because obviously they were before I came into the picture, and I took extensive notes. We did a tour of their facility and I heard stories upon stories of how things used to be. Well, after the trip down memory lane, I proposed that we not only bring back the good ol’ days but we also improve the processes so that we didn’t have another relapse and again wonder what happened.

The business renovation included several new coats of paint, some reorganization and a lot of decluttering. We also rewrote all of the outdated material they had been using, updated price structures for the first time in over 20 years, and organized the mountains of unfiled paperwork.

The whole place looked like a brand new facility after the renovation project was complete and the owners had a spring in their step, excited about the new glory days. The new, positive energy was contagious and business increased dramatically after all the improvements.


Business Budget Analysis

Small business owners are notoriously horrible with the idea of giving themselves a raise. It can be next to impossible to find a couple extra dollars to give yourself a raise when your budget isn’t balanced well or your expenses are drowning you every month!

Through careful analysis and several honest heart-to-heart conversations, I helped a client out from under the oppressive weight of 20+ year old debt, and gave her a raise for the first time in over 15 years of being a small business owner. We worked closely to develop a monthly budget and account for every dollar that came in and went out. We spent time cancelling unnecessary subscriptions, reallocating resources, and planning a strategy to pay off business and personal debt while improving the overall financial health of the business.

Over the course of about a year, we utilized simple, user-friendly methods to get to a better financial place and reduce stress, ultimately giving more life to her business. It was quite the transformation, but worth every minute of the process.